b"c oeFFicient oFF rictionThese Starrett test fixtures conform to ASTM , TAPPI and ISO application standards for determining the coefficient of friction on films, substrates, ceramics and slip resistant finishes.Test fixtures include all accessories based on the associated test method.o PerationCoefficient of friction may be measured with two different test fixtures.Both fixtures consist of a horizontal table with a moveable sled having a riCtion of oeffiCientknown mass (typically 200g). Both the table and the sled are covered with the sample under test.A cable connects to the sled and to the load cell sensor, which is attached to the test frame's crosshead.A pulley guides the cable movement ensuring that the force is measured axially.The static friction is measured as the first maximum force.The kinetic or dynamic friction is measured as an average force between two pointsf C normally measured after the static friction point.Coefficient of friction is the measured force divided by the mass of the sled used.t estinGs tandardsThese testing standards may be used with Starrett COF test fixtures: ASTM D1894 TAPPI T549 ISO 8295 DIN 55375coF-astMSTEEL, NICKEL FINISH For COF testing per ASTM-D1894 or TAPPI-T549 200g rubber-faced sled mass Operating Temperatures 32 to 158F (0 to 70C)Includes rubber-faced 200g weight blockCofficient of Friction FixtureLoad Capacity Platen Dimensions Weight (each) Clevis TypeModel No. N KGF LBF Sled Mass (grams) Sled Surface Material in mm lbs kgs mm SupplyCOF62-1 500 50 110 200 Rubber 10.6 x 5.9 270 x 150 7.8 3.5 15.9 1d iMensions80200gr66712335 27015.98063.563.560 150160"