b'r oLLerF ixturesEccentric roller fixtures are self-tightening and ideal for flat samples.Starrett offers a variety of different roller fixtures with various diameters and sample thicknesses.Eccentric rollers can be supplied with smooth, serrated and rubber surfaces.Starrett can assist you in selecting the proper roller fixture for your sample.o PerationEccentric roller fixtures feature a design that helps ensure proper sample alignment and that promotes a correct sample break between the ollErs ccEntricupper and lower test fixture.These fixtures feature en eccentric roller that holds the sample firmly in place during tensile movement.Eccentric rollers are easy to use.The roller is held in place with a spring mechanism that lets you open and close the roller onto the sample under test.There are different sizes for different sample thicknesses.Rollers typically have a serrated face, the you may also use rubber- r Ecoated and smooth faced rollers.t estinGs tandardsThere are a variety of materials that can utilize eccentric roller samples. Contact your Starrett representative for more information about your specific testing method and the available test fixtures.Load CapacityModel No. N KGF LBF Roller Diameter Clamping Width TypeEccentric Roller Grip - Single RollerROLLER-7-1A-1 1,000 100 225 25mm50mm ClevisROLLER-7-1RA-A 1,000 100 225 25mm50mm ClevisROLLER-7-5A-1 5,000 500 1,100 30mm50mm ClevisROLLER-7-5A-100 5,000 500 1,100 30mm100mm ClevisROLLER-7-10S-1 10k 1,000 2,200 50mm60mm ClevisEccentric Roller Grip - Dual Opposing RollersROLLER-766-5S-1 5,000 500 1,100 30mm30mm Clevis76'