b'r oLLerF ixturesEccentric roller fixtures are self-tightening and ideal for flat samples.Starrett offers a variety of different roller fixtures with various diameters and sample thicknesses.Eccentric rollers can be supplied with smooth, serrated and rubber surfaces.Starrett can assist you in selecting the proper roller fixture for your sample.r oLLer1 K nALUMINUMollErs ccEntric For general-purpose tensile testing applications Use on soft samples including rubber, foils, paper and plastic film Anodized finish r E Operating Temperatures 32 to 266F (0 to 130C)Eccentric Roller GripsLoad Capacity Base Plate Jaw Face Sample Thickness (max) Sample Width (Max) Weight (each) Clevis TypeModel No. N KGF LBF Material Type in mm in mm lbs kgs mm SupplyROLLER-7-1A-1 1,000 100 225 Aluminum Serrated 0.28 7 1.97 50 1.1 0.5 15.9 2ROLLER-7-1RA-1 1,000 100 225 Rubber Smooth 0.25 7 1.97 50 1.1 0.5 15.9 2d iMensions80250-75076.2 68starrett.com 77'