b'P eeLF ixturesThe Climbing Drum fixture consists of a drum assembly, flexible loading straps mounted at the bottom of the stand, an upper self-closing clamp to grip the specimen and a drum clamp to hold the outer skin against the face of the drum.During a test, the loading straps pull on the drum assembly, forcing it to rotate and climb along the length of the aluminum panel. This motion peels the outer skin away from the core structure. The peel force is measured indicating bond strength.c LiMbinGd ruMSTEEL, NICKEL FINISH, ALUMINUM STRAPSixtures eel Conforms to test methods ASTM-D1781 and DIN 53295 Operating Temperatures 32 to 266F (0 to 130C) F PClimbing Drum Peel FixtureLoad Capacity Drum Diameter Sample Width (Max) Weight (each) Clevis TypeModel No. N KGF LBF in mm in mm lbs kgs mm SupplyPEEL-ASTM-D1781 5,000 500 1,100 4.02 102 3.15 80 6.6 3.0 15.9 1d iMensions 1202060075102 13012.7 100122'