b'v ise -a ctionF ixtures154ALUMINUM, ANODIZED (VISE-154-10)STEEL, MANGANESE PHOSPHATED (VISE-154-20) For general-purpose tensile testing applications Dual action tightening from both sides F -A V ixtures ction ise Order required jaw set separately Operating Temperatures - VISE-154A-10-1 32 to 356F (0 to 180C) - VISE-154S-20-132 to 662F (0 to 350C)Vise-Action FixturesLoad Capacity Jaw Opening (Max) Clamping Surface Weight (each) Clevis TypeModel No. N KGF LBF Jaw Face in mm in mm lbs kgs mm SupplyVISE-154A-10-1 10K 1,000 2,200 No Jaws Jaw Dependent Jaw Dependent 5.3 2.4 15.9 2VISE-154S-20-1 20K 2,000 4,400 No Jaws Jaw Dependent Jaw Dependent 11.0 5.0 15.9 2d iMensions13115.91308 10100 129401052 0-30 6054130starrett.com 97'