b'v ise -a ctionF ixturesVise-action test fixtures secure the sample with a pinching force.Vise-action test fixtures let you manually tighten the jaws to the sample.A variety of vise-action test fixtures are available and suited for a wide assortment of samples and applications. Many vise-action test fixtures may be supplied with pneumatic actuators.These are ideal for high-volume testing applications offering a quick open-release capability.Please see the Pneumatic specification sheet for more information.205Kixtures ction iseALUMINUM, ANODIZED For general-purpose tensile testing applications Available as chain attachment or direct connect model Operating Temperatures 32 to 356F (0 to 180C)F -A Vd iMensions250 M6M481.516.5 10 3.410Vise-Action FixturesLoad Capacity Jaw Opening (Max) Clamping Surface Weight (each) Clevis TypeModel No. N KGF LBF Chain Attachment Jaw Face in mm in mm lbs kgs mm SupplyVISE-205K-10-S 20 2 4 Yes Smooth 0.13 3.4 0.4 x 0.4 10 x 10 1.3 0.6 15.9 1VISE-205X-10-S 20 2 4 No Smooth 0.13 3.4 0.4 x 0.4 10 x 10 1.1 0.5 15.9 1starrett.com 83'