b'Peel FixturesThese are suitable for determining adhesive strength on a variety ofHook Adaptersadhesive tapes, thin film coatings, copper runners and more. FixedA good general purpose option available in clevis and threaded mounting options.90 and adjustable models are available.119 169Pneumatic Fixtures Clevis AdaptersPneumatic actuation is used to open and close the jaw faces on theseUsed to secure most of the testing fixtures available to the test frame and the load grips, ideal for high volume testing and maintaining a consistentcell in Starrett systems, these provide a quick and easy way of swapping setups.clamping pressure.173127Force Gage AdaptersSpring Test Fixtures These are used to mate dissimilar threaded connections available in male-to-Custom solutions for tension and extension springs, these ensuremale and male-to-female.correctaxialalignmentforaccuratemeasurementsofspring constants, initial tension and free length. 177151 CablesFor data exporting, or communications between DFx hand-held force gages and Syringe Test Fixtures test frames.These are designed to make loading and unloading easy, test in tension and compression, stand sizes available or custom on request. 181Gage Adapter Plates and 153 Mounting BlocksAdapter plates for mounting competitive gages to the Starrett FMM motorized Scissor Fixtures force test frame. Self-tightening grips with a large variety of jaw faces available, great forMounting block options for L1 systems and FMM motorized force test frame.general purpose testing of elastomers, plastic, rubber, textiles and more. 183155 Tester AccessoriesBench clips for motorized stands and horizontal legs for manual stands.Coefficent of Friction (CoF)These fixtures meet ASTM, TAPPI, and ISO application standards for185determining COF and films, substrates, ceramics, and slip resistant finishes.159 Safety Shields & ExtensometersFood Texture FixturesUsethesefixturestomeasurefoodcharacteristicslikeshear,187brittleness, softness, crispness and more.163starrett.com 7'