b"F oodt exturea naLysisF ixturesStarrettcansupplyavarietyoftestingfixturesforfoodtexturetesting applications.Shear, brittleness, softness, crispness are all qualities that can be measured using Starrett test fixtures.All fixtures are made of corrosion resistant and durable materials.ixTures exTure oodo PerationVariousfoodproductsaretestedforpropertiessuchasshearstrength, brittleness, crispness, ripeness and more.Using these test fixtures, users can assess the food product's characteristics relative to how food changes physicalFT Fstate during consumption- chewing, shearing, tearing.t estinGs tandardsThere are a variety of testing standards for different types of food products from solid and semi-solid items to baked goods, meats, dairy products, confectioneries, pastas and more. Contact your Starrett representative for more information about your specific testing method and the available test fixtures.Food Texture FixturesLoad CapacityModel No. N KGF LBF Cell Size No. of Blades Blade ThicknessSHEAR-KRAMER-70 500 50 110 70 x 70 10 3 mmSHEAR-KRAMER-120 500 50 110 120 x 120 9 5 mmSHEAR-WB 2,000 200 450 - 1 1 mm164"