b"P eeLF ixturesStarrett has a wide selection of test fixtures suitable for determining adhesive strength on a variety of components from adhesive tapes,thin film coatings, copper runners on electronic circuit boards and more.o PerationPeel testing fixtures come in a variety of styles that match the material under test.Some include a moving table connected to the test frame's crosshead using a cable mechanism.As the crosshead moves upwards, the cables pulls the table laterally to maintain a required angle.This ixtures eelprovides a measuring of bond strength.Othertestfixturesareapplicationspecificsuchasa climbing drum test fixture often used in paper and paper product adhesive testing. F Pt estinGs tandardsThe following testing standards can be met using standard Starrett peel testing fixtures: ASTM D1781 DIN 53295 DIN 53494 ISO 10373Additional testing standards are supported.Contact your Starrett representative for more information.Peel FixturesLoad CapacityModel No. N KGF LBF Adjustable Angle Sample Width Sample LengthPEEL-3-D53357B 4,000 400 900 No 60 mm -PEEL-3-D53357B-KL 4,000 400 900 No 90 mm -PEEL-3-ISO6133L 4,000 400 900 No 152.4 mm -PEEL-50S-1 5,000 500 1,100 No 50 mm 250 mmPEEL-50MS-1 5,000 500 1,100 Yes 50 mm 250 mmPEEL-ASTM-D1781 5,000 500 1,100 No 80 mm -PEEL-104-DIN53494 7,000 700 1,570 No 30 mm -PEEL-105-D53289 10K 1,000 2,200 No 30 mm -PEEL-105-D3167 10K 1,000 2,200 No 25.4 mm -PEEL-192-25 10K 1,000 2,200 Yes 60mm -PEEL-192-22-2V 10K 1,000 2,200 No 58mm -120"