b'THS90Screw Action GripProvide a simple and effective method to hold specimens Dual acting design, also for asymmetrical samples Jaws articulate and provide a self-alignment and a self tightening effectOrdering information: The grips are ordered in pairs but can also be orderedseparately (0.5 pair). Grips and jaws need to beordered separately.We recommend the usage of an air screwdriver. Item numberTHS90Force Tensile50 kN Clamping force100 kN(500 Nm*)Temperature range0C - +180C Other temperature ranges on request BodySteel, manganese phosphate coatingWeight12 kg each grip (without jaws)Scope of delivery1 pair of gripsv ise -a ctionF ixtures 90Jaws for THS90** Scope of delivery: 1 set = 4 jaws STEEL, MANGANESE PHOSPHATE COATING Blank jawsItem no.SurfaceClamping surfaceOpeningWeight per Suitable for ownFor general-purpose tensile testing applications further treatments H x Wpair Steel-blanks Dual action tightening from both sides without coating THS90-BBlank (smooth) jaws60 x 66 mm030 mm1.2 kgOrder required jaw set seperatelyTHS90-BPPyramid jaws (serrated)60 x 66 mm030 mm1.1 kgPyramid jawsixtures ction ise Operating temperature: 32 to 356F (0 t 0 180C)Pyramids 1.2x45 THS90-BVV-jawsClamping height630 mm 1.2 kg Hardened steel 58HRC 60 mm manganese phosphatedTHS90-BWWave jaws60 x 66 mm030 mm1.1 kgV-jawsFor all kinds of round F -A Vsamples THS90-BDDiamond jaws60 x 66 mm030 mm1.2 kg Tooth pitch 1.2 mm Clamping height Hardened steel 58HRC THS90-BDVDiamond-coated V-jaws60 mm630 mm 1.2 kg manganese phosphatedTHS90-BGRubber jaws60 x 66 mm028 mm1.2 kgWave jawsFor flexible materialsWave 5 mmHardened steel 58HRC Vise-Action Fixturesmanganese phosphated THS90-BP120Pyramid jaws (serrated)70 x 120 mm 020 mm5.4 kg Load Capacity Jaw Opening (Max) Face Weight (each) Clevis TypeDiamond jaws Part Number N KGF LBF Material in mm lbs kgs mm Supply Clamping surface coatedVISE-90-50 50kN 5,000 11,250 Steel Jaw Dependent No Jaw Face 26.4 12 31.7 2 with synthetic diamondsTHS90-B210Blank (smooth) jaws70 x 210 mm 020 mm6.6 kg Nickel-platedTHS90-BP210Jaw Sets Pyramid jaws (serrated)70 x 210 mm 020 mm6.6 kgRubber jaws Jaw Opening (Max) Face Jaw Dimensions1 mm rubber coating in mm Clamping heightmm (h x w) Supply (NBR) THS90-BV210 Part NumberV-jawsMaterial820 mm 6.6 kg JAW90-PY66 Steel 0-1.18 0-30 70 mSerram ted 60 x 66 4Nickel-plated THS90-BW210Wave jaws70 x 210 mm 020 mm6.4 kg THS90-BWG210Rubber-coated wave jaws70 x 210 mm0 - 16 mm6.7 kg d iMensionsJaws with other dimensions and surface coatings on request *We propose a pneumatic impact wrench with 650 NmAll specifications subject to change without prior notice Page 1 of 2 starrett.com 99'