b'r oPeF ixturesStarrett rope fixtures are used for testing rope, cable, filament, yarns, etc.These fixtures are used for tensile applications.Features include a guide roller that helps prevent breakage within the test fixture.ixtuRes ollaRd and opeo PerationRope fixtures feature a design that helps ensure proper sample alignment and that promotes a correct sample break between the upper and lower test fixture.These fixtures feature a spool usedFB R to wrap the sample,The sample is typically wrapped around the spool 1-1/2 or 2 times depending on the strength of the material.These rope fixtures let you position your material under test around a cylindrical spool so that force is applied directly in line with the load cell sensor.t estinGs tandardsThere are a variety of testing standards for rope, filament, cords, fine wires and cables. Contact your Starrett representative for more information about your specific testing method and the available test fixtures.Rope FixturesLoad CapacityModel No. N KGF LBF Jaw Face Type Roller Diameter Sample DiameterROPE-76-1A-1 1,000 100 225 Rubber 20 mm2 mm ROPE-76-1A-D 1,000 100 225 Diamond 20 mm2 mm ROPE-76-5A-1 5,000 500 1,100 Serrated 40 mm5mm ROPE-76-5A-D 5,000 500 1,100 Diamond 40 mm5mm ROPE-255-10-PY 10K 1,000 2,200 Serrated 26 mm5mm ROPE-255-10-D 10K 1,000 2,200 Diamond 26 mm5mm ROPE-76-20S-1 20K 2,000 4,500 Serrated 94 mm9 mm ROPE-170-50 50K 5,000 11,000 Serrated 162 mm20 mm 108'