b"s2 s oFtwareoftwareSPreconditioning options include scragging and load set.(Above)You can scrag your spring based on a number of cycles or based on a time duration.(Below)Your spring may be set solid as a preconditioning prior to your actual test procedure. For example, compress to 12 lbf and hold for 1 minute.Createcompressionandextensiontestsusingthetest templates supplied standard with your S2 system.Or, usetheoptionalTestBuilderapplicationtocreate sophisticated, multi-point test setups for more advanced spring measurement.The optional S2 Automation Builder software works with the S2 Test Builder application so you can use conditional branchinganddigitalI/Otointerfacewithancillary equipmentsuchasannunciators,conveyorsandturret loading devices.The Pre Test step lets you specify test attributes before you actually begin your testing.Set units of measure, pre-conditioning, user prompts and datum criterion.During your test, status messages display providing the operator with immediatefeedbackoftheactivestepandthestep'sperformance characteristics and current measurement.An LED on the Start/Stop push button on your test frame also indicates and active test condition.54"