b't estera ccessoriesStarrett MTL and MTH test frames may be equipped with a digital scale for measuring distance/deflection.Horizontal mounting legs are available that allow the MTL-110, MTL-330 or MTH-550 to be operated in a horizontal configuration.cceSSorieS tand anualBench clips may be used with FMM, FMS, FMD, MMS and MMD test frames.These clips help secure the test frames permanently to their work surface.d iGitaLs caLe ForMtLandMtH F raMes H orizontaLM ountinGL eGs aS MIncludes mounting blockUse with MTL-110, MTL-330 or MTH-55 Ensures proper alignment on a Starrett test frameIncludes all mounting hardwareHorizontal Mounting LegsModel No. Model Type SupplyMLX-10648 MTL-110, MTL-330, MTH-550 1d iGitaLt estF raMeb encHc LiPs Use with FMM, FMS, FMD, MMS and MMD test frames Includes mounting hardwareDigital ScaleModel No. Model Type SupplyMTL-SCALE-110 MTL-110, MTL-330 1MTL-SCALE-330 MTL-330 1MTH-SCALE-550 MTH-550 1Digital Test Frame Bench ClipsModel No. Model Type SupplyL1-FMMCLIP FMM 212745-0 FMS, FMD, MMS, MMD 1186'