b'FMM F raMeo verviewFMM digital force testers are compact and ideal for high volume, lean manufacturing production. FMM Digital Force Testers may be used manually, with a DFG or DFC digital force gage, or any of the Lx software versions, L1, S1, L2, S2, L2Plus and L3.FMM testers are available in three capacities: 110lbf (500N), 330lbf (1500N) and 550lbf (2500N). Two travel lengthsst M tands est otorizedare available for all capacities: standard travel at 20" (508mm) and extended travel at 30" (762mm). Crosshead speeds are controlled locally and can be set from 0.002 to 40 inch/min (0.05 to 1016mm/min). Quiet even when operating at M ateriaLM easureMent full speed. Easily upgrade from force gage control to computer based operating using Lx software.Equipped with optionally available splinter Adjustable over-travel limits preventshieldaccidental overloadingUser-adjustable corrections for linear error and deflection compensationReference RulerTwo mounting block options for:- Force Gages- BLC Load CellsTablet PC mount for L1, S1, L2, and S2SoftwareAdjustable base plate ensures correctsample alignments Base clevis adapter kit supplied standardCast aluminum base with bench clip to secure work spaceEmergency StopManual jog switches with excellentSpeed Selection dial with high resolution dispaly tactile feedbackstarrett.com 25'