b'MtH M anuaLt estersThe MTH Manual Tester is a single column, manually-operated force tester. The MTH has a load measurement capacity of 550lbf (2500N, 250kgf) and can be used for compression or tensile testing. The mechanical advantage afforded by the MTH-550\'s precision, high-resolution worm gear design lets you test effortlessly. One rotation of the hand wheel positions the crosshead 0.03" (0.75mm). Total stroke for the MTH-550 is 4" (102mm). Fo)rce measurement is performed Tands esT anualusing a Starrett digital force gage.The MTH-550 is an ideal, affordable solution for spring testing. Fit the MTH-550 with a digital force gage and optional digital scale to determine spring rates, initial tensionsT Mand more.The hand wheel may be positioned anywhere along the 30" (762mm) column, and with a 4" (102mm) throat, large samples can be accurately tested. The base may be permanently affixed to your workbench. Optional gage adapter kits are available for use with non-Starrett force gages. Quick-change clevis adapters let you mount a large selection of Starrett testing fixtures.F eatures Tension or Compression Testing Excellent for Cost-Effective Spring Testing Effortless Crosshead Movement Shown with optionalPrecision Worm Gear Design digital scale Excellent Position Resolution: Single Rotation for 0.03" (0.75mm) 30" (762mm) Column Height, 15" (380mm) Working Area Adjustable Gage MountingShown with optional digital scaleThe MTH-550 may be equipped with optional legs so that you can test in a horizontal position.Part #: MLX-10648MTH - Manual Force Tester, Hand wheel ControlLoad Capacity Crosshead Travel Resolution/Rotation Throat Weight Vertical Test Space (max.) ThreadModel No. N KGF LBF in mm in mm in mm lbs kgs in mm mmMTH-550 2500 250 550 7.5 190 0.03 0.75 4 102 22 10 15 381 M10 x 1.5-5Hstarrett.com 21'