b'Product LinesApplicationsines roduct L PVision Systems Granite Surface Plates Indicators190 Starrett vision systems combine high-resolution imagesStarrett granite surface plates are available in threeStarrett manufactures an array of gages and indicators with robust, precision mechanical platforms. We offer alevels of accuracy: Grade AA (Laboratory), Grade Afor exacting measuring applications. We offer test full range of systems from video microscopes to large(Inspection) and Grade B (Tool room).Our Crystalindicators, back plunger indicators, dial indicators, 50 x 36" (1270 x 915mm) platform systems and ourPink granite has the highest percentage of quartz ofand accessories. We can supply analog and digital Mx digital metrology software. any granite so it has the best balance of physicalindicators, plus special application indicators for your properties,maximumresistancetowearandforapplication requirements.deflection under load.Services194 Optical Comparators Height Gages Laser MeasurementsStarrett optical comparators are ideal for a wideFor simple or complex height measurements, StarrettStarrett is a leader in non-contact laser measurement rangeofdimensionalinspectionapplications.supplies a range of electronic height gages andsystems such as ourProfile 360 system. The system Starrett offers optical systems from 16-30" (400- accessories, including the DIGI-CHEK system- thecontinuously monitors the size and shape of complex 750 mm) diameters, horizontal and vertical models.world\'s fastest and most precise height masters.profiles to ensure quality and consistency in width, thickness, gap, radius, angle and more.Terminology195 Bore Gages Webber Gage Blocks Precision ToolsOur AccuBore electronic bore indicatorsis a high- Starrett precision gage blocks are trusted for theirStarrett has a comprehensive range of micrometers quality,trigger-activated,three-pointcontactboreaccuracy,surfacefinish,wearresistanceandandcalipersthatmeetorexceedaccuracyand gaging system.Starrett can supply a wide range ofdimensional stability. Our croblox gage block is theperformancespecificationsofnationaland bore gage systems that ensure a more true alignment. world\'spremiergageblockwithindustry-leadinginternational standards. accuracy and stability.starrett.com 9'