123, 123M, 123EM Master Vernier Calipers 0-72" AND 0-24"/0-600MM Ultimate example of slide caliper design. It is more accurate, has the easiest reading vernier style, is stronger and offered in much longer lengths than other slide calipers. Readability Fea tures • Long 50-division vernier scales permit half as many bar graduations as conventional single-vernier tools. These widely-spaced graduations make it easy to read to .001" or 0.02mm • The open-face design of the slide allows both the inside and outside vernier scale on the same side, thus allowing both verniers to be read without turning the tool over • Black lines and figures against the Starrett satin chrome finish make reading a pleasure, not an effort • Screw-type adjusting nut allows for fine measuring adjustments and lock nut holds measurements Long-Life and Accuracy Fea tures • Fine tool steel construction makes the jaws harder and longer-wearing than stainless tools. All tools through 24" (600mm) also have hardened and stabilized bars. • Hardened, ground and lapped measuring surfaces • Machine divided graduations for accuracy • The combination straight and angular ways on the master bar allow for positive alignment of graduations and easy adjustment of the flush-fitting verniers • Sizes through 24" have divider points on the back side to accurately set dividers and trammels • Tools with inch and millimeter graduations on the same bar have outside readings only. (Inside readings must be compensated for by adding the nib width to the indicated reading.) • Thelongerlengthoftheadjustingjawslideprovidesalonger bearing surface on the master bar, ensuring squareness with the solid jaw and extra resistance to springing • Tight, smoothly fitted slides for maximum accuracy and easy adjustment • Fitted wood case option 123EM-6 Vernier Calipers 100 S lide C alipers