661 Mini Magnetic Indica tor Holder The Mini Magnetic Tool Holder is a simple, versatile, effective and economical tool for a variety of indicator holding tasks. It has no levers or switches – simply place the holder on the measuring surface, attach the indicator and position as required. Fea tures and Specifica tions • 30 lb (133 N) of holding force • Base Diameter: 1.180" (30mm) • Base Height: 1" (25.4mm) • Overall Height 4.173" (106mm) • Holds indicators with 3/8" stems or standard dovetail mounts • Fits over spindles and posts with diameter of 1/4" (6.3mm), such as the 196 Dial Indicator • Includes an 8mm adapter for indicators with metric (8mm) stems 659BZ 659MBZ 659 Hea vy-Duty Magnetic Base Indica tor Holder WITH ROTARY ON/OFF SWITCH. FURNISHED WITH OR WITHOUT STARRETT AGD DIAL INDICATORS This holder has a powerful magnetic base that attaches to flat surfaces or on round work up to 5"(125mm)indiameterbyaform-groundinvoluteveeforaccurateseating.Ithasapproximately twice the holding power of our 657 Magnetic Base and has a rotary on/off switch. A post snug with two 3/4" (19mm) gripping holes positions the dial indicator at any height and at any vertical angle and allows for 360º rotation of the gage rod.After locking the gage in place, the final indicator setting is made by an independent fine adjustment at the back end of the gage rod. A second tapped hole (3/8"-24) in one side of the base is for mounting the post horizontally or adding another post for multiple inspection work.The base is furnished with a threaded adapter, making it possible to use the 657 Magnetic Base post and attachments. Base and snug have a black wrinkle finish with precision ground contact surfaces. Available with or without Starrett AGD Dial Indicators: inch reading 25-131J (.0005" graduation) or millimeter reading 25-181J (0.01mm graduation). Other mechanical AGD indicators are available on request. Electronic indicators, 2600 and 2700, are also available on request. Both the upright post and the gage rod are approximately 9 3/8" (238mm) long and 3/4" (19mm) in diameter. Indica tor Holders J H G P 661 Mini Magnetic Indicator Holder Cat. No. EDP Description 661 68620 Indicator Holder Base Holder Assembly and Individual Components Photo Key Cat. No. EDP Description 659A 56687 Magnetic Base, Upright Post Assembly Including Post, Snug, Gage Rod with Clamp and Fine Adjust, and Thread Adapter, without Case 659AZ 55947 Complete Assembly (Above) in Case P 659P 55949 Magnetic Base, Including Thread Adapter G 659G 56688 Upright Base Post Only H PT16846 71597 Swivel Post Snug Only with Two 3/4" (19mm) Gripping Holes J PT08903 72032 Gage Holding Rod Only, Including Clamp Mechanism and Fine-Adjustment PT18318 72040 Thread Adapter Only Sets, Including Magnetic Base, Upright Post Assembly and AGD Dial Indicators Cat. No. EDP Description 659BZ 55948 Base and Upright Post Assembly with Inch Reading Indicator 25-131J in Case 659MBZ 64892 Base and Upright Post Assembly with Millimeter Reading Indicator 25-181J in Case 661 661with 196 Indicator 661with 709 Indicator 661with 81 Indicator 181 starrett.com I ndica tors and G ages