Measure results using SI or Imperial units of measure. Display results in Engineering Notation if needed. Specify resolutions for any unit type. View results on any of these graph formats: Stress vs. Strain, Stress vs. Time, Strain vs. Time, Load vs. Displacement, Load vs. Time, Displacement vs. Time. Display full graphs or split graphs with the data table showing statistics and tolerance values. (Above) Out-of-tolerance results are displayed in red, including a tendency bargraph in the data table. Statistics can be displayed and your raw data and results can be exported automatically using the Share function. (Below) The Tolerance view provides more detailed information as to "why" the result is displayed in red. The operator can add comments about each test run, or use the Extra Coefficients function to display additional information for reporting. Standard reports are included, or export as a .csv file for use with Microsoft® Excel® ,Word® , Access or your 3rd-party SPC application. 483 M a terial T esting / F orce M easurement