Automa tic Vision Metrology Systems A V AV300 AND AV350 The AV Automatic Vision Metrology Systems provide accurate 3-axis measurement capability (X-Y-Z) with hi-resolution video zoom optics and optional touch probe. The systems can be pre-programmed (CNC) for repetitive part inspection, or driven manually via a joystick and trackball for individual measurements. Superb performance is achieved by a highly stable mechanical design, with precision linear bearings. Throughput is maximized with either QC5000 or MetLogix™ M3 software controlling all features of Video Edge Detection (VED) and multiple channel Fiber Optic or LED illumination. These automatic vision systems are ideal for quality assurance, inspection, and production runs. Flexible and powerful, the AV series allows users to cost effectively achieve maximum throughput of their inspection process. Measured data is effectively archived or networked to other devices. AV300 OPERATOR INTERFACE Feature MetLogix™ M3 QC5000 24" (60cm) touch-screen monitor and PC x External motion control unit x x Windows® -based operating system x x Wi-Fi network connectivity x x CAD file import and export x x Video edge detection x x X-Y-Z measurements x x 2D geometric constructs x x 3D geometric constructs x CNC control capability x x Report generation and archiving x x Optional DXF/FOV software x Software developer MetLogix™ Metronics/Heidenhain AV OPTICS Optical Parameters Dedicated Zoom Optics 6.5:1 12:1 Optical magnification on CCD 0.47x to 3.0x 1.4x to 4.7x Total magnification on monitor 31x to 198x 26x to 310x Field of view width .39" to .06" (10 to 1.6mm) .44" to .047" (11 to 1.2mm) Working distance 3.47" (88mm) 3.38" (86mm) Camera CCD 1/3" 1/3" AV350 shown with system stand and control cart - included 428 V ision S ystems