Automa tic Vision Metrology Systems A VR AVR200 AND AVR300 The AVR CNC Automatic Vision Metrology Systems are ideal for repetitive measurements and automatic comparison to CAD files. Available with dedicated interchangeable telecentric lenses for micron-level resolution and accurate field-of-view (FOV) measurements.These can encompass an entire small part up to 2.00 x 1.50" or a feature of a larger part and be seamlessly integrated with stage motion to measure parts with a length up to 8" (AVR200) or 12" (AVR300). MetLogix™ M3 software capabilities include 3-axis measurements and 2D geometric constructs (points, lines, angles, rectangles). Systems are also touch probe compatible. AVR200 AVR OPTICS Optical Parameters Telecentric Optics Dedicated Zoom Optics 6.5:1* 12:1 Optical magnification on CCD 0.30x 0.50x 0.80x 1.0x 2.0x 4.0x 0.47x to 3.0x 1.4x to 4.7x Total magnification on monitor 13x 22x 36x 45x 89x 178x 31x to 198x 26x to 310x Field of view width .94" (24mm) .55" (14mm) .35" (9mm) .27" (7mm) .14" (3.5mm) .07" (1.8mm) .39" to .06" (10 to 1.6mm) .44" to .047" (11 to 1.2mm) Working distance 4.3"(110mm) 4.3"(110mm) 4.3"(110mm) 4.3"(110mm) 4.3"(110mm) 4.3"(110mm) 3.47" (88mm) 3.47" (86mm) Camera CCD 1/1.8" 1/1.8" 1/1.8" 1/1.8" 1/1.8" 1/1.8" 1/3" 1/3" * 6.5:1 available as interchangeable zoom optics OPERATOR INTERFACE Feature All-in-One PC with M3 DXF/FOV Software M3 controller housed in Z column x 24" (60cm) color graphic touch-screen montior and PC x Windows® -based operating system x Wi-Fi network connectivity x Video edge detection x X-Y-Z measurements x 2D geometric constructs plus height x FOV measurements integrated with X-Y stage motion x CAD file import and export x Automatic comparison of measurements to CAD files x Software developer MetLogix™ 430 V ision S ystems