Electronic Height Gages 3751 Electronic Height Gage (without output) 0-6"/150MM This height gage is light, portable and easy to use for vertical measurements within its range. Readability Fea tures • Easy-to-read LCD .32" high characters Accuracy and Long Life Design Fea tures • Hardened, stainless steel bar for long life • Depth attachment PT08680A available for measuring depth of holes, slots, and recesses • Fineadjustmentthumbrollforprecisionmeasurements • Rounded nose scriber cuts clean, sharp lines with smoothness and less pressure • Lock to hold the slide in position • Hardened, ground, and lapped base with finger grooves provides ease of movement • Easy access to single long-life battery, 3-volt CR2032 • Vertical bar is back from the edge of the nose for better stability • Scriber can reference zero from the bottom of the base to get the full 6" (150mm) usable range • Linear Accuracy: ±.001" (± 0.02mm) • Resolution: .0005" (0.01mm) Action Fea tures with Three Control Buttons • Inch-millimeter conversion • Zero at any position • Manual ON/OFF plus a built in automatic OFF after 5 minutes of nonuse 3751 Electronic Height Gage (0-6"/150mm Range) Cat. No. EDP Description 3751AZ-6/150 12221 Height Gage, in Case Accessories and Cables for 3751 Electronic Height Gage Part No. EDP Description PT99492 65650 One 3-Volt Batteries, CR2032 PT08680A 51383 Depth Attachment for 6" (150mm) Height Gages 947 56756 Wood Case Only 3751AZ-6/150 111 starrett.com H eight G ages