DHG DIGI-CHEK™ II Height Master RANGES UP TO 85" AND 2150MM These are the world's fastest and most precise height masters, ideal for those who need the highest degree of accuracy over an extremely long vertical range. 1. Set rapid positioner (A) to within .005" (0.15mm) (3 seconds). 2. Final setting (5 seconds). A • Can be used in the laboratory or on the shop floor • Lower inspection costs by saving time – within 10 seconds the tool can be set into position • The gage block stack is free-standing, so it will adapt to temperature differences in a reasonable time period • 1" or 25mm range of adjustment • Reverse reading block allows readings from the underside of the master gage blocks • The large, remote digital readout can be placed in the most convenient location and adjusted for best readability • The housing is heavy and extremely stable with hardened and lapped three-point bearings • Standard equipment: pedestal stand for readout unit, DIGI-CHEK  II  plastic dust cover and wood shipping/ storage case Digi-Chek™ Height Gages Simple, two step opera tion in less than 10 seconds. DIGI-CHEK II Height Master (1-85" Range) Cat. No. EDP Capacity DHG 25. 93265 1-25" DHG 37. 93266 1-37" DHG 49. 93267 1-49" DHG 61. 93268 1-61" DHG 73.* 93269 1-73" DHG 85.* 93270 1-85" DIGI-CHEK II Height Master (25-2150mm Range) Cat. No. EDP Capacity DHG 625. 93271 25-625mm DHG 1025. 93272 25-1025mm DHG 1225. 93273 25-1225mm DHG 1550. 93274 25-1550mm DHG 1800.* 93640 25-1800mm DHG 2150.* 93275 25-2150mm * Setup charge extra depending on location. Optional Equipment for DIGI-CHEK II Height Master Cat. No. EDP Description HG 525.60 (Inch) 92579 Reverse Reading Blocks HG 501.3M (Millimeter) 91486 HG 525.61 (Inch) 92577 1" or 25mm base blocks for use with reverse reading blocks to set dial bore gages HG 501.4M (Millimeter) 91487 CS 9133. 92320 Finished wood case for reverse reading and base block Specifications for DIGI-CHEK II Height Master Description Inch System Metric System Tolerance (Stack) expressed in µin 2.5L + 10 (in inches) -10 expressed in µm .0025L + .25 (in mm) - .25 Maximum: Minimum: Parallelism: Gage Surfaces to Base and Each Other 15 µin 0.4 µm Resolution 10 µin or 20 µin 0.5 µm or 1.0 µm Repeatability of Readout ±20 µin 0.5 µm or 1.0 µm Digital Readout 1/2" high figures 12.5mm Readout Pedestal Height 38" 970mm Power Supply Switchable: 115 V 60 Cycle or 220 V 50 Cycle Certificate of Calibration (Extra Cost) expressed in µin 10 + 2.0L (in inches) expressed in µm .25 + .002L (in mm) Uncertainty of Calibration of Stack Uncertainty of Calibration of Readout ±30 µin ±0.75 µm µ = .000001 x unit of measure The accuracy of the surface that supports the gage must be taken into account when determining the accuracy of any measurements. DHG 117 starrett.com H eight G ages