Special Function Indica tors 1175, 1175M Dial Indica tor Groove Gages .375-6"/9.5-150MM This lightweight gage is used for in-process or bench inspection of oil grooves, snap ring retainer grooves, "O" ring seat retainer grooves and similar internal recesses. It is also useful for checking bore dimensions and testing for taper, bell-mouth and out-of-roundness. The movable, sensitive gaging contact has a 1/2" (12.7mm) retractable range and transfers the measurement through a linear,friction-free transfer mechanism to the dial indicator. The lower reference jaw is fixed and supports the entire weight of the gage and the operator's hands, thus preventing incorrect gaging pressure and false readings. The reference jaw can be mounted in two positions on the range adjusting bar. The bar itself is also adjustable for greater or lesser range. A fine adjustment screw and a lock are also provided. Fea tures • Supplied with two sets of jaws, both readily interchangeable • Three sets of contacts are furnished (Styles 1-10, 2-10, 2-20) that can be attached to the ends of the jaws without replacing the entire jaw. Contacts have flush ends so that grooves at the bottom of blind holes can be gaged. The contacts are hardened steel with a hard chrome finish for long life. • Gage can be set with gage blocks or other methods such as micrometers, vernier calipers and ring gages • Furnished with storage case Special jaws for 4" and 6" (100mm and 150mm) gaging depths, a diameter range extension bar from 6-12" (150- 300mm), dial indicators graduated in .001", or any special modification of gaging contacts and jaws, are also available by request through our Special Order Department. 1175 and 1175M Dial Indicator Groove Gages Cat. No. EDP Range Dial Indicator Model No. Graduation Reading Range 1175Z 53173 .375-6" 81-136-1175 .0005" ±30 .060" 1175MZ 65032 9.5-150mm 81-181-1175 0.01mm ±100 2.5mm 1175 Dial Indicator Groove Gage Contact Sets Part No. Contact Set Will Enter Minimum Bore Maximum Groove I.D. Minimum-A Groove Depth Minimum-B Groove Width Upper Lower in mm in mm in mm in mm PT30917 PT30917 Style 1-10 .375" 9.5 3.00" 75 .100" 2.5 .024" 0.6 PT30918 PT30919 Style 2-10 .690" 17.5 5.00" 125 .140" 3.6 .034" 0.8 PT30920 PT30921 Style 2-20 1.00" 25 6.00" 150 .265" 6.7 .051" 1.3 1.25" (32) MAX. GAGING DEPTH 3.00" (76.2) GROOVE I.D. WILL ENTER .375" (9.5) MIN. BORE .100" (2.54) .024" UPPER JAW PT30916 CONTACT MOUNTING SCREW 08272-0 LOWER JAW PT30914 STYLE 1-10 CONTACT MOUNTING SCREW PT03497 MAX GROOVE I.D. 2.50" (64) MAX. GAGING DEPTH UPPER JAW PT30915 A B LOWER JAW PT30913 WILL ENTER MIN. BORE STYLES 2-10, 2-20 1175Z 192 I ndica tors and G ages