258, 258M DIGI-CHEK™ Height Gages .100"-24.100"/2-602MM These gages combine the accuracy of Starrett-Webber Gage Blocks with a precision micrometer head and digital readout. Readability Fea tures • Satinchromescalesmountedbesidethegageblockcolumn for quick reference to the nearest 1" or 25mm reading • Digital readout reads in .001" or 0.01mm and has a range of 1" or 25mm • Reads directly from the micrometer head to .0001" or 0.002mm. The micrometer head (our 469) has black figures on the satin chrome thimble. The graduations are staggered for easy counting. • Both the micrometer head and digital readout are mounted on top of the gage, directly in line with the operator's vision Ease-of-Handling Fea tures • The micrometer head has a speeder knob for rapid positioning • Both over and under heights can be checked directly from the gage blocks in a single setting. Because reference surfaces are provided on the top and bottom of each block, adjacent blocks are in the exact same plane. This eliminates the need to add or subtract block thickness. • Readings can also be taken from either left, center, or right of the gage block column • Parts can be checked from .100" or 2mm in height • The gage block column design permits wringing a 1" block between two blocks in the column. This is convenient for setting and checking other gages such as inside micrometers, end measuring rods, dial bore gages, etc. Accuracy and Long-Life Fea tures • Gage is housed in a heavily flanged frame for stability and the base has three-point hardened, ground, and lapped bearing pads, making it virtually tip-proof. Gage blocks are assembled in a free-standing system that allows the blocks to conform to temperature variations independently of the frame, thereby reading the same as the workpiece. • The highly accurate micrometer spindle is one piece, with hardened and stabilized measuring threads • A 10" riser block is available for increased height capacity Digi-Chek™ Height Gages 258 DIGI-CHEK Height Gages (.100"-24.100" Range) Cat. No. EDP Range Graduation Gage Accuracy Scales Digital Readout Micrometer Head DHG12-258 93005 .100"-12.100" Inches .001" .0001" ±.0002" DHG18-258 93006 .100"-18.100" .001" .0001" ±.0002" DHG24-258 93357 .100"-24.100" .001" .0001" ±.0002" 258M DIGI-CHEK Height Gages (2-602mm Range) Cat. No. EDP Range Graduation Gage Accuracy Scales Digital Readout Micrometer Head DHG300-258 93007 2mm-302mm Millimeters 0.01mm 0.002mm ±.005mm DHG450-258 93008 2mm-452mm 0.01mm 0.002mm ±.005mm DHG600-258 93358 2mm-602mm 0.01mm 0.002mm ±.005mm Finished wood case for 12" (300mm) and 18" (450mm) also available, at additional cost. These finished wood cases are NOT suitable for shipping. Use suggested shipping materials. Certificate of Calibration available at additional cost. Questions and repair regarding Digi-Chek gages should be referred to the Starrett-Webber Division, Tel.: 440-835-0001. The accuracy of the surface that supports the gage must be taken into account when determining the accuracy of any measurements. DGH12-258 with digital display DGH12-258 with analog display 118 H eight G ages New!