657T Flex-O-Post Indica tor Holders with Magnetic Base For use with all Starrett Test, Back-Plunger, AGD, Dial, and Miniature Dial Indicators. Also accommodates similar indicators of other manufacturers. The flexible post is an assembly of short tubular steel sections and precision ball joints, linked by an internal steel cable. It can be adjusted to any position and locked by turning a lever near the magnetic base. This makes it possible to use indicators in awkward places that are hard to reach with conventional holding devices. Assembled to the magnetic base, the post has a vertical reach of approximately 15" (380mm) and a horizontal reach of approximately 10" (250mm). The indicator snug on the end of the post can be rotated through 360ยบ and locked in any position. The base has three precision ground magnetic contact surfaces. Grips horizontally, vertically or upside down. V-step holds base to arbors, shafts, chucks. The 657W Attachment allows fine adjustments to be made, operated by turning the fine-adjusting thumb screw (with post locked in rigid position) to zero, then set the indicator. A. Gage Rod. 3/8" x 3" (9.5mm x 75mm) has 5/16, 1/4 and 7/32" (8, 6.3, and 5.5mm) steps. Holds 708,709,711 and 811 DialTest Indicators by body clamp.See attachment specifications for the appropriate indicator body clamp on previous pages. B. Adjusting Take-up Sleeve with locking nut for maintaining proper degree of post rigidity. C. Post Snug has 3/8" (9.5mm) hole (which will also grip AGD dial indicators by the stem). D. Flex-O-Post 3657U. E. Locking Lever tightens internal steel cable to make post rigid and lock it in position. F. Magnetic Base 657P has push-button on/off switch. 657W Fine-Adjustment Attachment 651B1 Indicator gripped directly to its stem via the post snug. 196B1 Indicator via a 657S Snug. Indica tor Holders B C A D G E F 657T Flex-O-Post Indicator Holders with magnetic base - Individual Components Photo Key Cat. No. EDP Description F 657P 52757 Magnetic Base Only (A, B, C, D, E) 3657U 12695 Flex-O-Post with Locking Lever and Snug Only G 657W 52763 Fine-Adjustment Attachment A PT17850 72400 Indicator Holding Rod 657T Flex-O-Post Indicator Holders with magnetic base - Complete Assemblies Cat. No. EDP Description 657T 52760 Magnetic Base with Flex-O-Post Assembly 657TW 52761 Magnetic Base with Flex-O-Post Assembly and Fine- Adjustment Attachment 179 starrett.com I ndica tors and G ages