Wood-Plastic Composite Wood-plastic composites have variations in raw material properties, humidity, and barrel temperature, and these variations can result in profiles that swell or sag, resulting in defective boards. Profile360™ is employed to continuously monitor profiles coming out of the die to assure the process is under control and the size and shape is correct. Profile360™ can measure boards to the lower end of the allowable tolerance range in order to reduce the raw material cost per board, resulting in payback within 100 days. Cost Savings Nominal Board Size 5.5in2 Target Area Reduction .1in2 (1.8%) Material Cost $.60/lb Density .04lb/in3 Line Speed 144in/min Target Savings 14.4in3 /min Cost Savings $477/day Payback Period 100 days Fea tures • Monitor tongue and groove dimensions, squareness, flatness, embossing depth, and other key dimensions in real-time with on-screen optical comparator and trend graph displays • Run near lower spec limit to reduce raw material costs Embossing Depth Real-Time Dimensions 532 L aser M easurement