673 Direct-Reading Bench Micrometers 0-2"/0-50MM The 673 Bench Micrometer is a high precision instrument, ideal for bench use either in a shop environment or inspection laboratory. It can be used as a comparator measuring to fifty-millionths of an inch (.000050") or two-thousandths of a mm (0.002mm) or for direct measuring to .0001" or 0.002mm. Work lengths up to 2" or 50mm can be measured. • The base is a heavy, rigid casting, incorporating at the left end a movable anvil which actuates a linear, friction-free motion transfer mechanism between the anvil and the indicator. This assures high accuracy. • The large thimble diameter, approximately 3" (77mm), makes possible widely spaced graduations that are easy to read without a vernier scale reference • Advanced, staggered design and quick reading graduations in combination with Starrett no-glare satin chrome finish on both thimble and sleeve also contribute to easier, faster readings • The head is furnished with a speeder and has a special ring-type lock nut which firmly holds the spindle at any setting without distortion • Another useful feature is the adjustable work table centered beneath the anvil and spindle. Work can be accurately aligned between the anvil and spindle by adjusting the table to the proper height and locking it in position. • The spindle and anvil are carbide faced for long life • To read to ten-millionths of an inch (.000010") or 0.0001mm, this bench micrometer can be used with both the 776 Electronic Digital Gage Amplifier (LVDT probe 776-2Z) or on the 717 Analog Amplifier (LVDT probe 715-2Z). Both require 673A adapter. How to Use for Direct Measure and as a Compara tor For direct measuring, the micrometer head is set to zero and the dial indicator is set to zero by the bezel adjustment. Any workpiece within the 2" (50mm) range can then be measured by the micrometer head in ten-thousandths of an inch (.0001" or 0.002mm). The indicator must read zero for each measurement. If used as a comparator, first set the head and the indicator to zero as previously explained. Then adjust the micrometer head to the desired dimension to be checked. After retracting the anvil, work is placed on the table between anvil and spindle and the anvil is then released so anvil and spindle contact the work.Plus or minus deviation from the nominal work size is then read from the dial indicator in fifty-millionths of an inch (.000050") or 0.002mm. Bench Micrometers 673M with 717 amplifier 673 and 673M Direct-Reading Bench Micrometers Cat. No. EDP Range Graduation Work Table Micrometer Head Dial Indicator Micrometer Head Dial Indicator 673XZ 67191 0-2" .006" (0-3-0) .0001" .000050" 2-1/4" dia. and 7/8" vertical adjustment 673MXZ 67192 0-50mm 0.2mm (0-10-0) 0.002mm 0.002mm 57mm dia. and 22mm vertical adjustment 673 and 673M Accessories Cat. No. EDP Description 673A 52891 Adapter for 715-2Z LVDT Length Probe (to connect both 717 and 776 Gage Amplifiers) 776-2Z 68818 LVDT Length Probe (776 Gage Amplifier) 715-2Z 64480 LVDT Length Probe (717 Gage Amplifier) Anvil Pressure Adjustment – 8 oz. to 3 lb (0.23 to 1.36kg) 75 starrett.com M icrometers