Quadra-Chek® Software Modern metrology is a complex sequence of measuring, recording, analyzing and reporting dimensional data. The conceptual model underlying the Quadra-Chek® digital readout design organizes the work-flow to support operators at every stage of the measurement process. QC200 Metrology DRO requires a video monitor display and cross-hair generatorinvisionconfiguration.QC200isatime-savingmeasurement tool with patented Measure Magic® technology. Ideal for measuring 2D features on Optical Comparators and Manual Vision Machines. • Inch/metric conversion, toggle between incremental/absolute and simple zero reset • Skew function for ease of part alignment • Integratedgeometrictolerancingallowingforpass/failmeasurements • Simple part programming with measure guide • USB and RS232 Interface • Linear and segmented linear error correction • Intuitive displays • Crisp, clear, bright black and white LCD display • Optional optical edge for comparators QC100 • Perform 2 and 3 axis measurements at very high levels of precision and accuracy • Measurements viewed on the front panel LCD can be transmitted to a PC over a standard serial port connection, or to a printer over a parallel or serial port QC100 QC200 478 V ision S ystems S oftware