Assembly Integra tion In addition to collaborating on the design and building of your machine foundation, Starrett technicians are skilled at value-added assembly. Using precision equipment in our assembly laboratories, we can provide you with the next level assembly, such as adding bearing rails, encoder rails, screw drives, stages, or vibration damping devices. Havingthisassemblydoneatourfactoryprovides accountability for accurate performance. Technical Capabilities Starrett has a variety of technical capabilities that, combined with our expertise, makes us the perfect choice for your custom granite requirements. These capabilities include: • Drilled and bored holes with precise size and location (right) • Inserts turned and inspected in-house for quality control and custom options • T-slots and inserts bonded using proprietary methods • CNC milling of patterns of clearance areas • Specialty slot milling capabilities • Unsurpassed dimensional control of flat, square, and parallel surfaces Examples of Custom Applica tions Capabilities Above: High-accuracy, CNC-drilled holes and milled contours Right: Clean room assembly Left:Extremely large (or small) part capabilities. 413 G ranite S urface P roducts