Please provide the following informa tion: When sending gage blocks to us for calibration,please specify whether you want us to: A. Calibrate, issue a certificate and return only; B. Calibrate, advise condition and hold for instructions; or C. Calibrate, replace worn and missing blocks, then return. If your order specifies replacement for worn and missing blocks and the cost of replacement approaches that of a new set, we will inform you, provide a quote price and wait for your instructions. Be sure to protect your v aluable gage blocks by packaging them carefully Gage block cases are made for immobile storage – not as shipping crates. It is good practice to carefully follow these steps when preparing your gage blocks for shipment: • Treat them with rust preventative. Starrett M1® Lubricant is an excellent choice for this job. • Place wax paper over the blocks. • If necessary, add cushioning inside lid to prevent excessive movement of blocks in the inserts. Do not overdo this – the lid should not have to be forced to close. • Seal the closed case with reinforced heavy tape. Note that the case clasp alone is not adequate to ensure that the case remains closed during shipment. • Use a strong, oversize outer shipping container. Carefully surround the case with a generous amount of firm cushioning material to ensure that your blocks withstand shock in transit. • Be sure to mark the shipping box as "Fragile." As Good as New When you receive your freshly calibrated gage block set with all necessary of the recommended repairs and/or replacements, you can rely on them to be essentially as good as new – that is, the most reliable and trusted gage blocks available – Starrett-Webber. Comprehensive and Fast Starrett-Webber gage block calibration is performed promptly – your gage blocks will be ready to be returned to you within a few days after we receive them. The calibration process is as follows: 1. After receiving your gage blocks, we document their arrival, then clean each block to remove oil, grease and film. The case is also thoroughly cleaned. 2. Next, we lightly stone each block to remove small nicks and burrs. This does not guarantee that the blocks will wring if they are heavily nicked, scratched, or burred. 3. Your gage blocks are then individually compared with master blocks that are accurate to fractions of one millionth of an International Inch. Starrett-Webber Grand Master Blocks are Starrett-Webber croblox® (solid chrome carbide). Our exclusive Grand Master Gage Blocks are calibrated directly by the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). 4. Our automated system generates a Certificate of Calibration to ensure complete accuracy in recording gage block size. This certificate shows the deviation from the marked size of each block and marks those sizes which need replacing. 5. We will then provide a quotation for recommended replacements in the original material and croblox, if applicable. 6. If replacements are not required, or if you have instructed us only to calibrate and return the set, the gage blocks are packed and returned to you with a Certificate of Calibration showing the "as found" readings. 7. If you authorize replacements, your Certificate of Calibration is marked to indicate which blocks were replaced and the date of replacement.At your request, we can issue an "as found" and an "as left" certificate for an additional fee. St arrett-Webber Gage Calibra tion Gage Block Calibra tion Services We offer expert and comprehensive gage block calibration and repair services for Starrett-Webber gage blocks. Calibration will help you prevent production inaccuracies. It will identify a worn gage block before it can create a problem. Regular, periodic calibration of your gage blocks will ensure that your gage blocks are as accurate and dependable as when they were new. 407 S t arrett -W ebber G age B locks