Upon completion of a test, you can display the key characteristics of your spring sample: Spring Rate, Free Length, and the individual measured results at your specified setpoint limits. The above display is for a 2-point compressive spring test. Using the spring test setup templates, you can select the results you want using the Data step. A list of available standard results are displayed and you select the result you want and how it is to be formatted on your result view. Like all Lx systems, within your S2 test, you may establish a tolerance on any result. Shown is an "out-of-tolerance" results for free length. The tolerance range is created between 4.394" and 4.398" in this example. Your S2 software supports basic statistical process control. Individual results reported for your test can be compared statistically. You can view Mean, Min, Standard Deviation and Six Sigma for your selected results. When tolerance limits are used, you can summarize "pass and fail" results. 497 starrett.com M a terial T esting / F orce M easurement