Special Gaging Custom Height Gage with a 78.7" (2000mm) range and resolution of .0005" Custom designed and built Area Flow Gage The St arrett Special Gage Division Even with our extremely broad catalog of products, some application measurement requirements can not be met with a standard tool – they require a custom solution. One way Starrett stands out from other precision tool providers is our willingness to work directly with our customers to develop custom tools and gages. Established over 50 years ago, our Special Gage Division is an independent group within the Company that devotes its total effort to developing and building special gages. Once we determine that no "off-the-shelf" product is applicable, our engineers begin a dialog with the customer to develop a custom tool for the specific task. Together, we discover what you want and need. Then, we design and build a special tool or gage that will perform to your expectations – with rugged construction, easy and intuitive operation, Starrett quality and guaranteed to meet your specifications for accurate, reliable part measurement. Design work is treated in a strictly confidential manner. Design-and-build prices are quoted at no charge. Prices are fixed at order entry. Single-Source Reliability We make and use electronic indicators, AGD dial, electronic and mechanical micrometer heads, and all of the other tools or gages that provide the output from the custom gage. We also make DataSure® WIreless Data Collection Systems, which we have integrated into an increasing number of special gages so measurement data can be gathered and recorded with 100% reliability. Simply put, our service and expertise are second to none – we control the entire process from concept through design, manufacture, inspection and delivery. We offer the resources of this unique problem-solving division to innovate, design, and build the equipment you need to control product quality and reduce dimensional gaging costs. The following pages show some examples of gages. we have developed and built. Cont act Us We encourage you to contact us directly to discuss your application. Tel.: (978) 249-3551 x407 | FAX: (978) 249-3699 E-mail: specialgage@starrett.com The L. S. Starrett Company Special Gage Division 121 Crescent Street Athol, MA 01331-1915 Special Gage Division Mission We design and build dimensional measuring instruments that provide guaranteed performance to meet our customers' specifications. We are in the business of solving measuring problems when standard gages cannot be used. Find out more about Starrett Custom Solutions at: starrett.com/custom 252 S pecial G aging