Da t aSure® Technical Overview • Transmission users receive confirmation at the tool • End Node radios store up to 10 readings in the event that the main system is down or busy • Base system handles up to 100 tools, with 25 to 40 tools in a typical installation • Each radio's range is approximately 65 feet (20 meters). Adding Routers can increase range in 100 foot increments. • The DataSure system features a license-free 916MHz ISM band radio and a self-configuring and self-healing network • Data acquisition from tools can be initiated by operator or host control • Network, tool and end node battery status are all automatically monitored and recorded on screen and stored in the system's database • The multi-mode software feature allows one tool to be connected to a Gateway for simple installations, or up to 20 multiplexers and 100 tools for complex shop environments • Rechargeable routers are ideal for mobile applications and large-component data collection environments such as aircraft assembly hangars, large casting foundries, and auto body stamping facilities • Easy-to-use included software offers user configurable names for tools and groups • DataSure's flexibility means it can output data directly to the main application screen, your SPC software, a local or networked database, and CSV file format • IP67 rating on end nodes • Remote client access from another PC on your LAN 100% DATA COLLECTION: ERROR-FREE AND FAST The DataSure Wireless Data Collection System allows real-time, 100% error- free data collection. From simple installations to systems covering thousands of square feet, data can be collected and analyzed much faster than with manual inspection and data entry. With manual inspection data collection, the repetitive hand movements required to pick up tools, measure parts, put tools down, and then record results is time consuming. Furthermore, hand writing or keying in data leads to mistakes that result in scrap, excess inventory, and even rejected parts. With DataSure, just measure and send for fast and error-free data. DataSure also eliminates problems associated with data cables including placement, installation, safety and high cost. DataSure makes it easy to bring a precision measuring tool to the work, rather bringing the work to the tool. DataSure is a full shop wireless solution. It works not only with Starrett tools, but also Mitutoyo, Sylvac, CDI Tools, Mahr, Tesa and other brands. WIRELESS DATA COLLECTION Da t aSure Hardware DataSure starts with superior engineering, state-of-the-art technology and rugged durability. End Nodes, Routers and Gateways are built to perform reliably in almost any environment. Sturdy construction and heavy duty materials help them withstand the rigors of everyday use under demanding conditions. Contact Starrett for the DataSure Cost Calculator, application profiles, white papers, FAQ's and more at +1 (978) 249-3551. 224 D a t a C ollection S ystems