QC5300 Metrology software picks up where the QC5200 leaves off. This product offers multi-axis dimensional measurement of 2D and 3D parts.The QC5300 integrates an innovative user interface, state of the art ergonomics, powerful data import, export and data analysis tools. Fea tures • 3D capabilities • 3D data clouds • 3D measurement set • 3D offset alignments • 3D part view • 3D part profiling option • Image processing tools • Pattern recognition • Renishaw touch probe compatibility • Optical laser sensor • "X-Y" 2D measurements with optional "Z" Axis for height measurements • Vector probing Monitor not included Data Cloud Alternate fits Measure Magic Image View Tolerance Integrated Database QC5200 Metrology software utilizes a Windows® 64-bit operating system for video measuring machines. The QC5200 supports a wide range of industries that require precise measurement and inspection of 2D parts using a single sensor. This product features an intuitive user interface and simple, meaningful visual displays.The design reflects a deep understanding of the user's needs along with a process model that supports the operator at every stage in the measurement process. Fea tures • 2D capabilities • 2D part profiling • Advanced calculation capabilities • Advanced geometric tolerancing • Alternate algorithms • Auto-focus • Auto program from CAD files • Continuous edge mode • CNC part positioning and automated measurement • Customizable screen layouts • Data cloud analysis • Data export to wide variety of applications • Image capture with drag and drop data reporting • Integrated runs database • Intuitive program editing capability • Multiple reference frames • Multiple language support • Patented Measure Magic technology • Powerful yet intuitive video edge detection tools 479 starrett.com V ision S ystems S oftware