Digit al Force Testers FMM Digit al Force Testers FMM Digital Force Testers may be used with L1 software or with a Starrett DFC or DFG digital force gage. FMM digital force testers are compact and ideal for high-volume, lean manufacturing production. FMM testers are available in three capacities: 110lbf (500N), 330lbf (1500N) and 550lbf (2500N). Two travel lengths are available for all capacities: standard travel at 20" (508mm) and extended travel at 30" (762mm). Crosshead speeds are controlled locally and can be set from 0.002 to 40 inch/min (0.05 to 1016mm/min). A high-resolution OLED display shows distance measurements with accuracy better than 20μm (0.0008 inch). Travel limits help prevent load sensor overloading. The FMM force tester can be controlled using L1 software for limit, cycling, hold and coefficient of friction testing. The FMM force tester can also be controlled using a DFC digital force gage. The DFC force gage serves as a universal controller where it is used to setup the force tester's distance limits, crosshead direction and crosshead velocity for a test. Fea tures • Ideal for tension, compression, flexural, cyclic, shear, and friction applications • Use with L1 software and 2-in-1 tablet PC or with DFC and DFG force gages • Multiple, Easy-to-Use Operating Modes - - Manual - - Automatic - - Continuous - - Gage Control (DFC force gage controls FMM tester) - - Software Control (L1 system control) Interface connections and communications are clearly shown on the back panel. Source power may be 100-240V- no jumpers required or configuration needed. 505 starrett.com M a terial T esting / F orce M easurement New!