Side Bed Optical Compara tors HS750 The HS750 floor-standing horizontal optical comparator has all the same features as the HF750 except that it has the screen position set to the side of the workstage area allowing close, comfortable and unrestricted access to the viewing and control area. At the heart of these systems are precision optics, superb lighting and a highly accurate workstage that combine to ensure bright, sharp images and exceptional accuracy. A time tested, cost-effective solution for non-contact measurement, the HS750 is simple to use, yet offers excellent capacity and performance to satisfy an exceptionally wide range of dimensional inspection applications and complex measuring requirements. OPERATOR INTERFACE Feature MetLogix™ Quadra-Chek® M2 M3 QC221 QC5200* Mounted to comparator arm x x x Color graphics x x x Touch screen operation x x Operating system Windows® Windows® X-Y-Q axis digital readout x x x x 2D geometry software with skew x x x x Optical edge detection option x x x x Video edge detection option x x CAD file import and export option x CNC drive option x x x x Software developer MetLogix™ MetLogix™ Metronics/Heidenhain Metronics/Heidenhain *Available with either optical edge detection or video edge detection SPECIFICATIONS HF750 Horizontal Travel 12" (300mm) Vertical Travel 8" (200mm) Focus Travel 3" (75mm) Top Plate* 25 x 9" (635 x 230mm) Image Inverted and reversed *With machined slots for easy fixturing HS750 468 O ptical C ompara tors