160 Toolmakers' Steel Clamps These clamps are useful in layout work or for holding work securely in drilling and other similar operations. Each clamp is furnished with two take-up blocks that slip on the end of the screw. The blocks are held to allow a slight swivel action that conforms the angle of the block to the shape of the work being held. There is a hole in the base of the clamps so they may be fastened to the bench and used as a small vise. Clamps are made of case-hardened steel and are smoothly finished. 581 Precision Grinding Vise • Extremely useful for accurate grinding • Hardened steel construction • Ground flat, square, and parallel within .0002" (0.005mm) • Jaw pressure on workpiece is forward and downward for repeatable positioning and maximum holding power • Jaw opening 4" (100mm), jaw depth 1-1/4" (32mm) • Movable jaw is slightly narrower than the base, enabling the vise to be used on its side • 1/4-20 tapped hole in each side of the solid jaw to allow the use of a stop for repetitive operations • "T" handle wrench provided for tightening the movable jaw • Four drilled and counterbored holes for 5/16 bolts in the base of the vise for bolting to a sine plate or the bed of a machine tool • Angle blocks available on special order • For attaching special jaw plates, two holes are drilled in both the solid and movable jaws Vises and Clamps 581 Precision Grinding Vise Cat. No. EDP Capacity Jaw Opening x Depth Description in mm 581 64962 4 x 1-1/4 100 x 32 Grinding Vise with T-Handle Wrench 160 Toolmakers' Steel Clamps Cat. No. EDP Capacity Description in mm 160 50592 2 50 Pair of Clamps 581 160 357 starrett.com P recision S hop T ools