252 Height Transfer Gages 0-48"/0-1200MM The 252 Height Transfer Gage is ideal for use with test indicators or electronic amplifiers to accurately transfer height settings from gage blocks, height gages and other standards. Accuracy and Long-Life Fea tures • Extreme rigidity provides the vibration-proof stability necessary to permit precise repeat readings with indicators of the highest amplification • Extremely rigid, rectangular box-type hollow column mounted integrally on a heavy base • Adjusting mechanism is located in the base so the column and indicator are isolated and not affected by external factors, such as heat or hand pressure Ease-of-Opera tion Fea tures • Hand-fitting base design for sure-grip handling and easy movement • Bottom of the base has three ground and lapped pads for stability and smooth movement on the surface plate • Adjustable slide, incorporating a snug for holding test indicators or electronic gage heads, has rapid vertical manual adjustment • Thumb screw allows slide to be locked • Knob on base allows fine vertical adjustment of the slide unit relative to the fixed column. This permits the slide with its test indicator to be quickly and precisely adjusted to the desired setting. Tool and Gaging Holders • A snug on the slide provides two holes (.375" [9.5mm] and .156" [4mm]) for holding gage rods or scribers. A 9" (225mm) rod furnished with the gage is especially useful for reaching confined areas or reaching heights greater than the range of the gage. • The rod has a major diameter of .375" (9.5mm) and stepped diameters of 1/4" (3.2mm) and 7/32" (5.5mm) at one end and 5/16" (8mm) at the opposite end • 708 and 709 Test Indicators can be mounted on this rod using PT22428 swivel clamp. 196 Universal Back- PlungerIndicatorscanbemountedusingStarrettsnugs, Part PT18718 or PT18724 (snugs not furnished). • PT06784-A Gage Holding Rod is included to accommodate the 715-1 Gaging Head when the Transfer Gage is used with the 717 Electronic Gage. A wire retaining clip keeps electronic gage head cables from deflecting the gage-holding rod. • 25, 81, 655 and 656 Dial Indicators also can be used on the height gage by means of a PT06784-A Gage Rod (furnished) • Other useful attachments (extra) are surface gage spindles (57C or 57D, 12" [300m]) and 18" [450mm]) – which are extremely useful for scribing and layout Pictured with 717 Gage Amplifier and 715-12 lever probe. Height Gage Accessories 252 Height Transfer Gages Cat. No. EDP Range Fine Adjustment (Approximate) Base Size - L x W (Approximate) Gage Rod Dimension 252Z-14 55890 0-14" (350mm) 3/8" (9.5mm) 5-3/4" x 3-1/2" (145 x 90mm) 9" L x .375" Dia. (225 x 9.5mm) with steps 252Z-24 51216 0-24" (600mm) 7-1/2" x 4-1/2" (190 x 115mm) 252Z-48 51217 0-48" (1200mm) 9" x 6" (225 x 150mm) Larger sizes available on special order. Starrett 708,709,711,650Test Indicators; 25,81,196,655,656 Dial Indicators and supplementary attachments also available. Gage furnished with 9" (225mm) Rod and PT06784-A Gage Holding Rod in wood case. 120 H eight G ages