PROFILE360™ MEASURES OUTER DIAMETER AND OUT OF ROUNDNESS OF A PIPE BOTH IN-LINE (ON THE MILL) AND IN FINAL INSPECTION. When used in final inspection, Profile360 produces an automated dimensional inspection report for the Outside Diameter (OD) and Out of Roundness (OOR) of the pipe ends and body to assure compliance with API and other standards. When installed prior to cutting, the measurements can be used to fine-tune the tooling during a set up change, and then alarm whenever OD or OOR values approach the allowable limits so that an operator can intervene before a quality fault occurs. PROFILE360 UTILIZES CROSSCHECK™ LINE-LASER SENSORS, DEVELOPED AND OPTIMIZED BY STARRETT-BYTEWISE TO ACHIEVE THE RANGE AND ACCURACY REQUIRED FOR PIPE MILLS. Sensors are mounted on a precision frame and aligned via patented software techniques.Data sets from each sensor are internally transformed into a global coordinate system to render the complete cross-sectional profile image. A SINGLE MEASUREMENT CYCLE INSTANTANEOUSLY ACQUIRES THOUSANDS OF DATA POINTS IN A PRECISE CROSS-SECTIONAL PLANE IN A MATTER OF MILLISECONDS. Software measurement tools can be configured to display and record up to 180 OD values, one per degree, as well as maximum and minimum OD and OOR for the pipe ends and body. PROFILE360 IS INHERENTLY RELIABLE DUE TO ITS SIMPLE DESIGN. Unlike oscillating measurement systems, Profile360 has no moving parts – no slides, motors, controllers, or encoders to require maintenance and calibration. The system is sealed and temperature controlled to assure a constant internal temperature. This results in a greatly reduced thermal drift for the system and assures Pipe, OD, Out of Round and Length Measurement 534 L aser M easurement