1017 Outside Dial Caliper Gages 0-2"/0-50MM These gages are designed for use in measuring castings,forgings and sheet metal work. Large clearances have been provided to reach over part configurations for easy measurement of small sections. The convenient retraction lever allows for one-hand operation and good gage control. The dial indicator has a direct reading count hand. The contacts are cylindrical carbide for long wear life. 697 , 697M Inside Dial Gages 2-3/8–18"/61–458MM These gages are used between two walls to check parallelism and also to take comparative measurements of internal diameters. There are ten rods and one extension furnished.The rods are marked to designate the approximate overall length of the gage.All measuring contacts are rounded.Tool can be set with a micrometer. The indicator bezel is rotated to adjust the dial in relation to the hand and has a non-breakable crystal.The movement of the dial indicator is approximately 5/32" (4mm). Rods of different lengths can also be furnished on request. 1019, 1019M Internal Dial Caliper Gages .400-1.4"/10-35MM These indicating gages are ideal for obtaining fast, comparative I.D. measurements, especially in hard-to-reach locations. The user depresses the button on the indicator housing and releases, allowing the arms to make contact with the work. • Makes convenient, accurate I.D. measurements • Spring loaded design provides constant pressure and positive contact for reliable measurements • Can be set with a micrometer or ring gage • 3-1/4" arm length for ample reach • Rotatable bezel for zero setting and bezel lock • Jewel bearings • .040" (1.016mm) dia. carbide ball measuring contacts 1019 1019M 697Z Special Function Indica tors 1017 Outside Dial Caliper Gages Cat. No. EDP Range Graduation Throat Depth 1017-4 65091 0-2" .001" 4" 1017-8 64959 8" 1017M-100 64179 0-50mm 0.02mm 100mm 1017M-200 64180 200mm 1019 and 1019M Internal Dial Caliper Gages Cat. No. EDP Range Description 1019-1 66559 .400-1.4" .001" with Revolution Counter 1019M-25 67120 10-35mm 0.025mm with Revolution Counter 697 and 697M Inside Dial Gages Cat. No. EDP Range Graduation Dial Reading One Revolution 697Z 52907 2-3/8–18" .001" 0-20-0 .040" 697MZ 52908 61-458mm 0.02mm 0-50-0 1.0mm 1017-4 193 starrett.com I ndica tors and G ages