Accessories Starrett offers a full range of accessories and purpose-built cabinet stands designed for our optical comparator systems to ensure efficient system setup for a broad range of applications. A A B D D E E G G C F J H K M N P S Photo Key Part No. Description For Models A OCN8 Large Centers and Vees HF600, HF750 B ORV2 2-1/32" Capacity Rotary Vise C 4U000 Magnification Checking Graticule HE/HB/HD400 and VB400 OGH1 HF600 OGH2 HF750 D OCN7 Small Centers and Vees HF600, HF750 E 7P000 Centers and Vees HE/HB/HD400 F 9W000 Helix Center Support Fixture VB300, VB400, VF600 3V000 G 6H000 Centers and Vees VB400, VF600 H OVH1 Vertical Glass Plate Holder HF600, HF750 J 7U000 Vertical Glass Plate Holder HE/HB/HD400 K 4H003 Rotary Vise with 1-1/4" Capacity HE/HB/HD400, HF600, HF750 M 6U003 Rotary Work-stage VB400, VF600 for use on 200mm x 100mm workstage N 4H002 FixedPositionVisewith1-1/4"Capacity HE/HB/HD400, HF600, HF750 P 4H004 Universal Vee Block on Rotary Base S P-10095 32" Cabinet Stand HE400,HB400,HD400,VB300,VB400 P-10102 23" Cabinet Stand T* P-10485 Canopy and Curtains designed to be used with Starrett cabinet stand HE400,HB400,HD400,VB300,VB400 *Product not shown 474 O ptical C ompara tors