GEO-360 • GEO-360 is a tire geometry measurement system for retrofit to tire uniformity machines and balancers. • It has a rack and pinion drive system that can easily be customized for travel and height. • Sensors are mounted on pivoting break-away hinges secured with ball detents. • An air blow-off system reduces contamination on the sensor glass. Measurement Parameters • RRO and LRO - -Peak-to-Peak - -Composite - -Harmonics 1 to 32 with angles • Bulge and Depression – magnitude and angle top and bottom • Wobble • Section Width • Tread Local RRO • Open Cap Splice • Circumference for each rib GEO-360 Results tab Line Laser Sensors and Systems are designed and built by St arrett-Bytewise How Sensors Work A laser line is projected across the profile and the image is snapped by the detector, then the image data is converted to x+y coordinates. How Systems Work Multiple sensors are mounted on a positioning system to acquire scans of tread and sidewalls. 545 L aser M easurement New!