Design Fea tures • Rugged and simple unit construction with a "universally fitting" design as shown • One gear unit assembly fits AGD Group 2 (our 25 Indicators),AGD Group 3 (our 655 Indicators) and AGD Group 4 (our 656 Indicators) • The gear unit is constructed of a massive single bridge and plate assembly with a hardened stainless steel gear train • All gear trains are fully jeweled for sensitivity, smoothness and life. (We do provide 1/2" and 1" range models with plain bronze bearings) • The case is light but sturdy, with a hardened, precision stainless steel rack that rides in bronze bushings. Size Groups 0 and 1 indicators are of similar construction but smaller in size. • Hardened stainless steel bottom stems can be held in fixtures without cramping rack action • Easy readability with the best, balanced style of graduation and number combination. (Too thick and accuracy suffers; too thin and readability suffers) • Balanced and tapered hands are easy to follow • Special non-shock mechanism (can be furnished on most styles) is ideal for when an indicator may be subjected to repeated and excessive shocks Dials, Accessories and Options BalancedorContinuousDials–StarrettAGDindicatorsarefurnishedwithabalanced dial (plus on right).A continuous dial (reading clockwise) may also be ordered. Plus and Minus Graduations – Plus and minus readout – black figures read clockwise, red figures read counterclockwise, or colors reversed – are available on some 81 Dial Indicators. Revolution Counters – All AGD indicators with 2-1/2 revolutions can be furnished with double dial and count hand at a slight additional cost. Intermediate and long-range indicators have revolution counters Special Dials – Starrett dial indicators can be furnished with any standard dial marked with your company name or trademark. No charge when the indicators are purchased in lots of 25 or more.For quantities under 25,there is an additional charge. Prices are available on request. Antimagnetic Mechanism – An antimagnetic mechanism can be furnished on most 81, 25, 655, 656, 196B6 Dial Indicators. This mechanism is desirable when the indicator is used near a magnetic chuck or a similar magnetic field which would disturb its operation. See individual listings for availability. Attachments and Accessories – A variety of attachments and accessories are provided for mounting dial indicators on machine tools, inspection equipment and special fixtures, including: • Backs • Contact Points • Dust Guard • Hole Attachments • Special Non-shock mechanism • Spindle Travel Controls • Stem and Back Mounting Accessories • Tolerance and Maximum Reading Hands No.25-136 .0005" .075" RANGE 5 10 15 10 5 – 0 + J EWELE D .0005" .03 +.0 – – 0 + 25 25 20 20 10 10 1 5 5 5 .03 No.81-136-622 J EWELE D FarLeft:DialwithPlusandMinusGraduations Left: Dial with Special Trademark Imprint Gear Unit + Case Assembly = Complete Indicator Dial Indica tors A. Sharp bezel serrations for positive grip B. Non-reflectingwhiteeggshellfinishondial(millimetermodelshaveyellowdials) C. Unbreakable crystal D. Hardened stainless steel stem E. Positive-acting clamp locks bezel in position F. No-glare satin finish on case G. .375" mounting diameter (all AGD models) H. Interchangeable contact point I. Four screw holes for 90º rotation of back J. Direct acting compression spring eliminates side friction K. Hardened stainless steel rack and spindle L. Massive bridge for rigid bearing support M. Replaceable low friction jewel bearings N. Hardened stainless steel gears and pinions A B C D H E J M N L F G K I 145 I ndica tors and G ages