Aerospace AREA FLOW GAGE Area Flow Gages measure the minimum area openings of turbine engine nozzles. Area readings are in .001 square inch resolution. It uses eight or more contacts that reach into the throat of the turbine nozzle openings. The recorded measurements are transferred via hydraulic cylinders to a dial indicator. Using mechanical linkage and hydraulics the algebraic area is transferred to the indicator or electronic probe at the top of the gage. Openings of segments are matched and located opposite one another on the engine circumference to provide a balanced air flow. These gages are custom designed for each stage of the turbine and are critical to proper engine performance and operation. Turbine Nozzle Diaphragm Opening Gage This gage checks three critical dimensions in the nozzle. This is an older and less complex design than the gage above, and it does not measure the radial height dimension. Gage on setting master Test Master segment A non-segmented nozzle Special Gaging Turbine Compressor Rotor Spacers This inspection fixture checks gas turbine engine compressor rotor spacers for radial size and runout at five stages. It represents a specific Starrett special gage capability — the designing and building of large,ultra-precise fixture gages mounted on Starrett precision granite surface plates which meet or exceed U.S. Federal Specification GGG-P-463C. Inset: Rotor turns 360º on its axis to determine runout and radial deviation. 256 S pecial G aging