749 Electronic Micrometer Depth Gage (with output) 0-12"/0-300MM The 749 Electronic Depth Micrometer has a wide 0-12" (0-300mm) range for measuring the depth of most holes, slots, shoulders and projections. Readability Fea tures • Large high-contrast LCD digital readout • Resolution: .0001" (0.001mm) • Inch or millimeter graduations standard • No-glare black wrinkle finish frame • No-glaresatinchromefinishonthimbleandsleeve Ease-of-Handling Fea tures • Ring-type knurled lock nut • Combination ratchet and speeder Accuracy and Long-Life Fea tures • Ground and lapped one-piece spindle • Baselength4"(100mm);roddiameter5/32"(4mm) • One 3-volt battery furnished with over one year's normal usage • Automatic OFF after 30 minutes of nonuse • Full-Function Action Features • Instant inch/millimeter conversion • "ME" millimeter model turns on in millimeter mode after battery installation • Measurement HOLD button • Ability to zero at any position and retain and return to true zero reading • PRESETbuttontoinstallanyreadingatanyposition • Ability to install minimum and maximum limits • RS232 data output port • Works well with Starrett DataSure® Wireless Data Collection Systems Depth Micrometers Our varied line of electronic, mechanical digital and regular depth micrometers are available with base lengths from 2-1/2-6" (63.5-150mm) and can measure depths up to 9" (225mm). They are also available with rotating or non-rotating blades. All heads used in our depth micrometers are accurate to ±.0001" or ±0.002mm. Unless otherwise noted under the individual tools, they all have these features: • A base shape design that will automatically position the fingers so that the base is easily held in place for measuring stability • All precision screws are ground and lapped • All bases and rods are hardened, ground, and lapped for permanent accuracy • All reading surfaces have a satin chrome finish that resists rust and provides a no-glare background for the sharp lines and figures • All measuring rods are adjustable • Quick and easy adjustment Depth Micrometers 749 Electronic Micrometer Depth Gages, Standard Inch Graduations on Shell and Thimble Cat. No. EDP Description 749BZ-6RL 65063 0-6"/0-150mm range 749BZ-12RL 68854 0-12"/0-300mm range 749M Electronic Micrometer Depth Gages, Standard Millimeter Graduations on Shell and Thimble Cat. No. EDP Description 749MEBZ-150 66124 0-150mm/0-6" range 749MEBZ-300 68855 0-300mm/0-12" range Rods Only for 749 and 749M Electronic Micrometer Depth Gages Part No. EDP mm Part No. EDP Inch PT99486 72493 0-25mm PT99143 66331 0-1" PT99487 72494 25-50mm PT99183 66332 1-2" PT99488 72495 50-75mm PT99190 66333 2-3" PT99489 72496 75-100mm PT99266 66334 3-4" PT99490 72497 100-125mm PT99267 66335 4-5" PT99491 72498 125-150mm PT99268 66336 5-6" PT99457 11626 150-175mm PT99531 11632 6-7" PT99458 11627 175-200mm PT99532 11633 7-8" PT99459 11628 200-225mm PT99533 11634 8-9" PT99460 11629 225-250mm PT99534 11635 9-10" PT99461 11630 250-275mm PT99535 11636 10-11" PT99462 11631 275-300mm PT99536 11637 11-12" Cable Information for 749 and 749M Electronic Micrometer Depth Gages Part No. EDP Description PT61963 66636 Computer interface cable complete to PC (RS232C) 733SCU 69898 USB cable to computer running SPC Data Collection Software 733SCKB 69888 USB cable to PC (In focused window) 733SCM 69893 Connection to Multiplexer (7612, 7613 or RMS2704) PT61120 65446 One 3-Volt battery CR2450 749MEBZ-150 83 starrett.com M icrometers