Systems L2 Plus Systems Designed for advanced force measurement and analysis, L2 Plus Systems are optimized for quality and engineering personnel. Test setup is intuitive, efficient and non-compromising. With L2 Plus systems you not only find the measurement, but you have the information that shows you "why, when and where" the measurement occurs. Like our L3 systems, L2 Plus measurements and analysis are performed graphically using our Windows®-based, all-in-one computer workstation. Create high resolution graphs based on load, distance, height and time. Then measure any point or segment on your graph using a set of analysis tools. Fea tures • Ideal for tension, compression, rate control, flexural, cyclic, shear, and friction applications • Measure and calculate results graphically: - -Points - -Slopes and Intercepts - -Min/Max/Avg - -Breaks - -Peaks & Valleys - -Deltas - -Rates - -Work/Energy • Create test setups using internationally accepted testing standards from ASTM, ISO, DIN, TAPPI and more, or create your own custom test methods • Options for digital and analog I/O and Control Logic • Options for arithmetic, trigonometric and logarithmic calculations • Use bar code scanning to access test setups Perform advanced testing methods such as load rate control. Set a target limit then pull/push at a rate using load per time velocity. 486 M a terial T esting / F orce M easurement