Micrometers 205 Steel Mill Micrometer 0-1" This micrometer is specially designed for gaging hot metal sheet in steel mills and has many features for safer, faster, and more accurate measurements. Micrometer has rugged construction throughout, and is attached to a convenient wooden handle, correctly shaped for a firm grip. Allows measurements to be made while the micrometer can be comfortably held at a safe distance from the hot metal. Readability Fea tures • Starrett satin chrome finish – no glare – resists rust • Advanced sleeve design with staggered lines and distinct figures for precise and easy readability • Quick-reading figures – every thousandth numbered on inch tools • Convenient decimal equivalents on inch tools • Extra long bevel on thimble with heavy cut graduations Ease-of-Handling Fea tures • Both spindle and anvil are beveled to easily slide onto the work • Large, reversible wing lock nut is easy to lock or release, even when wearing heavy gloves • Rugged frame construction and heavy duty spindle of .270" diameter Accuracy and Long-Life Fea tures • Rigid one-piece frame of drop forged steel • Extremelyhardandstableone-piecespindle(theheartofouraccuracy) • Quick and easy adjustment by either the anvil or by a simple sleeve adjustment 205HL 247A 247 Micrometer Ball Att achments INCH/MM Outside micrometers and micrometer heads having spindle sizes listed below can be instantly converted for measuring wall thickness of tubing, split and full bearings, sleeves and other parts with rounded surfaces by means of the 247 Ball Attachment. Fea tures • Easily applied by snapping on to end of either anvil or spindle, thus permitting two attachments to be used together • Balls are hardened, measure .200" and 5mm in diameter, and move freely in the retainer, insuring positive contact with anvil and spindle • The diameters, .200" or 5mm, of each ball used must be subtracted from the micrometer reading • All metal construction 205 Steel Mill Micrometer Cat. No. EDP Range Graduation Description 205HL 50730 0-1" .001" Lock nut, with handle 247 Micrometer Ball Attachments, .200" Diameter Balls Cat. No. EDP Description 247A 51174 For 2, 226 (old style), 230 and 577 Micrometers and 263 Micrometer Heads, .235" diameter Anvil and Spindle 247B 51175 For224A,224AAand436Micrometers,.270"diameteranvilandspindle 247C 51176 For 232 Micrometers and 463 Micrometer Heads, .200" diameter anvil and spindle 247D 51177 For 216, 226 (new style), 231, 436.1, 733, 795, 796, 3732, 1212 and 1230 Micrometers, .250" diameter anvil and spindle 247E 51178 For 224B through J, 238, 239, 436 Micrometers and 663 Micrometer Heads, .300" diameter anvil and spindle 247M Micrometer Ball Attachments, 5mm Diameter Balls Cat. No. EDP Description 247MA 51179 For 2M and 230M Micrometers and 263M Micrometer Heads, 6mm diameter anvil and spindle 247MB 51180 For 436M Micrometers, 6.8mm diameter anvil and spindle 247MD 56691 For216Mand436.1MMicrometers,6.35mmdiameteranvilandspindle 247ME 56692 For 224MB through J, 238M, 436M Micrometers and 663M Micrometer Heads, 7.6mm diameter anvil and spindle 247AL 57 starrett.com M icrometers