MV MV300 MV Video Based Metrology Systems are easy-to-use, general purpose, non-contact measurement systems with zoom optics. A highly stable mechanical design and precision linear bearings achieve superb performance.X andY dimensions are measured by moving the stage horizontally. Z height is measured by moving vertically to maintain focus. MV systems are ideal for Quality Labs, and manufacturing floor part measurement where short runs are common. The operator interface is a MetLogix™ M3-equipped PC, while the part image, measurement graphics, and readings are displayed on a color touch-screen monitor. Single and multi-point measurements of 2D geometries, and report generation are standard. MV300 MV OPTICS Optical Parameters 6.5:1 Zoom Optics Dedicated Optical magnification on CCD 0.47x to 3.0x Total magnification on monitor 31x to 200x Field of view .39" to .06" (10 to 1.6mm) Working distance 3.47" (88mm) Camera CCD 1/3" CCD Array OPERATOR INTERFACE Feature Touch-Screen Montior and M3 DXF/FOV Software 24" (60cm) color graphic monitor and PC x Windows® -based operating system x Wi-Fi network connectivity x Video edge detection x X-Y-Z measurements x 2D geometric constructs plus height x FOV measurements integrated with X-Y stage motion x CAD file import and export x Automatic comparison of measurements to CAD files x Software developer MetLogix™ Manual Vision Metrology Systems 424 V ision S ystems