Software MetLogix™ M3 with touch touchscreen interface M3 FOR VISION SYSTEMS Multi-touch software control that can pan and zoom with pinch, swipe, or touch.Works with active part views and live video feeds (or use the conventional mouse interface). Custom "Eye Measure" probe captures complex edges generated by a finger path drawn on the touch screen. Measure Logic probe intelligence provides instant feature determination and measurement with a single touch. Fea tures • DXF CAD file import for comparing parts being inspected to the actual design file; no need for cumbersome Mylar overlays • "Vtouch" Probe has video touch probe functionality – just click for simple acquisition of points on a feature's edge • Part View can generate distance and tangent lines from within the graphical part view. The "Gesture Menu" can be used for feature creation and manipulation tools. • "Quick Annotate" allows data on several features to be displayed simultaneously with smart marquee feature selection • Application of universal tolerance value entry according to feature resolution groupings • Feature Detail Graphics: Individual feature views display point cloud distributions, nominal deviations, and tolerance results. Scroll through Actual, Nominal, Tolerance, Deviation and Data Fit Type information • Simple machine/camera calibration with popular machine and video correction methods • Windows® -based, globally recognized OS for flexible data exporting and interface with Windows® applications • DC (FOV) software option Intuitive graphic menu Display flexibility or export the measurement report Graphic window with selectable Features and notes Graphical window with the selected data points Live video image with data from selected points 477 V ision S ystems S oftware